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Bullet Journal

: The LLM that cost billions of dollars and the energy output of a midsize country to train isn’t that …

: Trilliums

: First signs of spring in Bellwoods.

: A snowy spring day in Bellwoods.

: Last night I made way too many stickers with my friend’s thermal printer.

: This is the first time I generated an image in Midjourney where I actually couldn’t tell it …

: First signs of spring.

: Mommy’s Little Monster from Mom’s Basement in Toronto.

: The only thing left standing was the elevator.

: I only want to be in conversations that support my business goals.

: Black cat.

: Toronto Landmark

: Last day vibes.

: Just released version v0.2.1 of mastodon-to-sqlite!

: 🎉 Happy random tests that assume February is 28 days to all that celebrate!

: Mountains at the bottom of Lake Louise

: First PyDataTO meetup of the year.

: Made a small Django function to back-port update_or_create from Django 5.0, specifically adding …

: Don Valley is always pretty in the late summer/early autumn.

: My favourite comic book series, Fables, has been added to the public domain by Bill Willingham, its …

: Polaroid’s new instant camera, the I-2, looks incredible. I hope this resurgence of instant cameras …

: Street Art of Doug Ford in Graffiti Alley

: Morning-Glory

: Someone wants some attention.

: Exhibition setting up (or tearing down) for the Indy.

: Just finished the season finale of Silo. The entire show is definitely worth watching.

: Playing around with Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature. This was two similar photos I took at …

: Toronto’s cityscape at sunset.

: It’s criminal we have to work on the first warm day of the year.

: Playing around with Adobe Firefly’s beta.

: Morning walk was so cold and so wet.

: So You Want to Turn an Office Building Into a Home? Interesting article about the conversion of …

: Made Coffee Coffee Cake from Claire Saffitz’s Desert Person.

: Illuminated mushroom at Ontario Place

: Snowy day in North York.

: What’s the point of these language models if it won’t make all our lives easier. Journalist asked …

: Sunset from Ontario Place

: I super agree with Kalynn Bayron, AI should be doing more the stuff people hate than the stuff that …


: Beautiful morning in Whistler.

: Built a couple Dogsheep utilities this past week to save data into SQLite: …

: Doing the holiday party circuit, this really resonated with me. I’m Thrilled to Announce That …

: Made some chocolate toffee cookies today.

: I’m kind of obsessed with this zoo in Sweden where 7 of their chimps have escaped and are trying to …

: It’s a bit windy in Toronto today.


: Sunset at the farm

: Clive Thompson writes about what design lessons we can learn from guitar pedals.

: 🔭 First image for the James Webb space telescope.

: Snazzy Labs has an awesome video demoing Apple’s Tools to repair an iPhone 12 Mini. The simple …

: Amazing sky today

: This is Theo, the dog.

: Went to the beaches today for a photo walk.

: My jade plant had a little baby.

: Flowers on a rainy day in Toronto.

: Amazing sky last night at Ontario Place.


: Went up to the farm this weekend.

: Hazy Day in Toronto

: Went for a walk to Cherry Beach on Sunday night

: Went for a walk to Cherry Beach on Sunday night

: Some new leafs on my Fiddle-Leaf Fig

: I made some cholocalte cookies (but added to much butter).

: Snowy Street in Toronto

: Finished reading: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng 📚

: Photos From My Walk

: Sunset over Lake Ontario.

: Raccoon taking a nap.

: Graffiti.

: Printed a 45 adapter today. It failed the first time and made modern art.

: Went for a hike today.

: This whole TikTok acquisition is reminding me of when Flip Video got bought by Cisco and shut down …

: This is a hard time. You’re doing the best you can. Be kind to yourself. Zach Braff on 14 …

: There is a bridge by my house that has the coolest spider shadows.

: One minute of waves at Ontario Place

: This Vox video on how the pandemic distorts time is so awesomely crafted.

: My sleep schedule has been super weird this week.

: More street art from laneway walks.

: Been finding some cool Alleyways in Toronto lately.

: Lovable

: Stormy looking weather in Ontario Place.

: Sunset in High Park

: Some flowers from today.

: Play around with I Love Film.

: Did my morning standup in the community garden.

: Really like GitHub’s new profile customizations.

: It’s so hot today.

: Toronto Skyline.

: Foggy late afternoon walk at Ontario Place.

: The Toronto Skyline from Inukshuk Park.

: I feel personally victimized by mypy.

: 😜 They’ve open Ontario Place.

: Current Status: Watching how to cut your own hair instructional YouTube videos because my hair is …

: Awesome sky over Lake Ontario.

: Social distancing from the cherry blossoms.

: The tree outside my apartment is finally growing some buds!

: 📺 Harley Quinn

: 🎥 Endless Summer (1965)

: Making some cookies.

: I just spent two hours trying to figure out a bug in my Vue form component, it turned out I was …

: Under the Gardiner.

: Going for a walk to the place I’ve been everyday this week.

: I’ve never seen graffiti alley with no tourists.

: Quiet day at the farm.

: 📺 Mythic Quest is super awesome!

: I’ll be presenting Jonathan Gray & Kavya Srinet paper, CraftAssist at Papers We Love Toronto on …

: I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out why my tests weren’t failing. It turned out it …

: Brazilian Nuts are the best type of nuts.

: HUJI 2019

: Winter Lights at Ontario Place

: Forgotten context message.

: I’m going to be attending PolyHack 25 (last hurrah at HBar) on Thursday 6th Febuary 2020 at …

: Sometimes laziness is pretty cool.

: Stephen Childs talking at PyLaides/PyData Toronto meetup.

: 🎵 Wolf Parade’s new album Thin Mind is pretty awesome but sounds like early 2000s.

: 😢 I broke my Docker instance on the train.

: 🎥 I haven’t seen Cats yet but I’m pretty sure Disney’s live action Aladdin was the …

: Great last day of skiing in Sun Peaks.

: Great day skiing at Sun Peaks today.

: When you move from an email based company to one that uses Slack.

: 2020 To Do List These aren’t really resolutions, they are just eight things I want to do in 2020: Build more …

: Fireworks from last nights new year’s party.

: Night time.

: Mountains in Sun Peaks.

: Today’s skiing at Sun Peaks.

: Arrived on Kanloops on the way to Sun Peaks.

: Current Status: Calgary

: Paper Plane at Il Gatto Nero.

: Selena presenting on writing a programming language with Python at tonight’s PyLadies/PyDataTO.

: Toronto Waterfront.

: I’ve recently switched my personal email to ProtonMail, it’s pretty awesome.

: It’s a very snowy day in Toronto.

: Peter McCormick talking about exploring languages on Python at a time.

: Watching Françoise Provencher Keynote from the upper balcony.

: Photos from tonight’s GoTO.

: Green trees with snow look really sad.

: 📆 I’m going to be attending PyCon Canada 2019 I'm attending PyCon Canada 2019 16th November 2019 to 19th November 2019 at The Carlu, 444 Yonge …

: Went for a hike in the forest by the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery today.

: Leaving to go up north for the weekend, except a lot of photos for trees and stuff.

: Skate City for iOS is really awesome.

: My new normal week.

: UofT in the autumn is awesome.

: Pair programming with a skeleton today.

: I like the way this bridge lights up at night.

: 😍 One of my plant’s are flowering.

: Software Development and the False Promise of Science Richard Marmorstein on software developers and their lack of citing good sources: You have opinions …

: Inglis Falls.

: Sitting on the front porch at the farm.

: Bruce Trail in Autumn Went for a hike in The Glen conservation today.

: Driving up north for thanksgiving.

: Kind of failed on the foam for my latte today.

: Photos From Nuit Blanche Last Night Photos from last night’s Nuit Blanche exhibited in Fort York, Stacks, and 401 Richmond.

: A Nuit Blanche exhibit is going up.

: It’s a really gloomy day in Toronto.

: A love letter to personal websites Tobias van Schneider’s love letter to his personal website: In those days, our website was …

: Cool street art near King Street West and Portland.

: Rainy day at Ontario Place.

: 😜 finally my stress level is better than a D-.

: Got my first PR approved today!

: First day at new job!

: ‪Last day at old job!‬ ‪Monday is first day at new job!‬

: I’m going to miss Winston Woods Park near my office.

: Took the wrong train this morning and now I’m in Appleby (two stops west of Oakville).

: Living near the lake is awesome!

: 🎵 Ann Power’s review of Lana Del Rey’s new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, is an awesome read.

: 😬 For the second time in two weeks, I’m going to be 30 minutes late for work.

: Go Train stoped across from Gestusra Island on the Credit River.

: Had an awesome cocktail tonight at Petty Cash, an Abraham Drinkin’, with gin, lime, cucumber, and …

: 📓 Finally finished my September’s Log!

: From a hike in the The Glen (~15mins outside of Owen Sound).

: Field of alfalfa at sunset.

: Photos from a hike on the top of the escarpment near Blue Mountain.

: At the farm.

: Had margaritas last night.

: Just finished my Weekly Log!

: Pictures from walking to Parkdale last night. #Latergram

: Back in the suburbs.

: I’m excited to be attending Polyhack 23 on 11 Septemeber 2019 at 6:30pm.

: 🎧 Lana Del Rey cover of Donovan’s Season of the Witch is awesome.

: Hasan Minhaj on why public transportation sucks in the US.

: In four weeks my long commute to Oakville will be at an end. I got a job located a twenty minute …

: Stuck at Long Branch GO Station 🙄.

: Apple spends more on R&D than the entire country of Spain. As in the entire country of Spain …

: Do boring speakers really talk for longer? Robert M. Ewers in Nature: The 34 interesting talks lasted, on average, a punctual 11 minutes and …

: Currently reading: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer 📚

: My fortune cookie at Mother’s Dumplings today.

: Data-Driven Design Is Killing Our Instincts, valuing data over design instinct puts metrics over …

: Ugly Gerry is a font created by US congressional districts.

: Amazon Is Using a Twitter Army of Employees to Fight Criticism of Warehouses This is some dystopian stuff. Amazon Uses a Twitter Army of Employees to Fight Criticism of …

: Template errors in Laravel are the hardest bugs to figure out.

: June Oven owners are reporting preheating incidents. This is 100% the fault of June and not the user: June CEO Matt Van Horn says that owners, not the …

: Currently reading Draplin Design Co. Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin. This page is …

: Listening to Tooth and Tail’s soundtrack by Austin Wintory gives my chores pomp and circumstance.

: I’ll be attending GTALUG on Tuesday 13 August @ 7:30pm.

: Sitting in a park in Port Perry.

: I ♥️ summer in Toronto.

: Thinknum, a dataset serivce for revealing strategic movements within companies, made their pitch …

: Scooter's aren't as "eco-friendly" as they claim to be The study concludes that dockless scooters generally produce more greenhouse-gas emissions per …

: Waiting to go home from Oakville.

: Outside is awesome today!

: 🎥 Hobbs & Shaw was really good.

: 🎵 Chance the Rapper new album The Big Day is awesome.

: Lovebot Graffiti in Toronto “To create a better future we must create love within our lives now we have the tools to create …